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February 05, 2011



She's getting her own knitting basket??!!! How perfect! Love all the things you made for her - looking forward to seeing pictures from the party!! (Love you Esme Q!)


cherie's sheep? lovely!


I saw your crown via ravelry & LOVE it. i will be looking for the link to a pattern! happy birthday Esme!

Dawn Lange

Mom, yes she has her own basket even though she can't knit yet! She sits in my lap and we knit together!

Ann, yes!! Thank you for the yarn!!!

Lacey, thanks! The link should be there. If not, the pattern is called Loved.

Paige Duft

Hey Dawn-
I just did an easy "finger knitting" lesson with my 3rd grade and they LOVED it. Esme would probably be all about it-although you may have already taught her to do it. If not there are tons of videos on youtube that show the basic steps. When I found and bookmarked this one, I thought of you immediately!

Waldorf Lesson Plans!!!
Hope all is well!

Dawn Lange

Thanks Paige! We don't know how to finger knit yet, but I have found (not yet bought though) a very cute mushroom finger knitting tower! I will check out the video as soon as I get a chance.

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