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March 25, 2011



I don't know how you find these ideas, or how you make them all turn out so beautiful! I learned to sew and knit in 4-H - my projects always looked awful!! I always got Pink Ribbons at the fair (which equals "we see you tried to make something"). But I do have Blue Ribbon daughters! :) :) Love you!!

Dawn Lange

Aww, thanks mom!!!!
To answer your first question... I spend about a half hour every morning looking at other crafty blogs and then I file them all in my favorites folder by season. That way, on any given day I can just open up the folder and see what I might have the energy and/or materials for!


so sweet! and, i'm loving this wonderful filing system--i think i might have to implement something similar. usually I just vaguely remember things & waste time re-finding them later!


What an adorable picture of Asher!!

Aunt B

I love visiting your blog, Dawn... It's so fun to see pictures of the kids and find out what your latest projects are. You have a sweet family...

And I do agree that your mom has quite a nice collection of blue-ribbon daughters! ;)

Dawn Lange

Aww... thanks Aunt B!!

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