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March 11, 2011


Paige Duft

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these TP flowers! Who would've thunk it?!? I save all of mine too and take them to school to use-this may end up being a lesson in the art room at IDES!!


dawn, those are so neat! now, instead of recycling, i have a new plan...


Hi Dawn, I featured this project in a post on Michele Made Me. You did such a great job, I just had to share. I added links to the project and to your site!

Have a great weekend,


Dawn Lange

Thanks Michele!


I just now saw this! I really love the flowers you made and how you arranged them on your wall - really beautiful!!

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Wow...what a use for toilet paper tubes. That definitely didn't cross my mind. Great...it's amazing how simple things that are at hand can be transformed something very useful and beautiful in the same time.

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